About Binnie Black Enterprise: Located in the North Zone, Jinan, Shandong Economy Jinan Broadway Hydraulic Machinery Co., Ltd. was founded in 1987, is the earliest professional manufacturer of hydraulic lifting platform, lifts manufacturers. Jinan Broadway Hydraulic Lifting Machinery Co., Ltd. is China's transportation and warehousing logistics are members of the Association is to re-contract unit. Binnie Black sophisticated production equipment, advanced technology, reasonable and complete testing methods, strong technical force; The products include: lift, lift platform, electrical lift, hydraulic lift platform, aerial work platforms, Tang bridge, lifts, mobile Type Teng bridge, fixed bridge board, diesel engine lift, rail-type lift platform, self-elevating platform, revolving stage, lift rotary tables, manual hydraulic platform vehicles and many other types of multi-purpose hydraulic lift series. Product total eight series, more than 60 varieties, and are mainly undertake the design and production of nonstandard products, complete specifications, quality assurance, the production of lift, lift platform in line with national industry standard, widely used in construction of indoor and outdoor decoration , workshop, station terminals, supermarkets, halls and other high-altitude operations, and industrial production lines and the cargo up and down between floors; products are sold all over the country by the majority of users. Binnie Black products according to "The People's Republic of China machinery industry standard" manufacturing, all products by the Chinese People's Insurance Company product quality liability insurance. High-quality products is the fundamental enterprise development, Broadway company of the hydraulic lift, lift platform from the start with every detail, every product and strive to Zuodao excellence. Credibility of the first Chinese companies to the world as access cards, the market economy and the lifeblood of the blood vessels, the "reputation" on behalf of my company's market reputation, has been recognized by our customers, and has been awarded provincial and municipal administration for industry and commerce " the contract and trustworthy enterprises. " "Quality first, reputation first; technology leader, good faith" is our eternal pursuit. Welcome new and old friends to visit us! We will provide quality products and perfect after-sales service to create high-quality hydraulic lift products. North on Economic Development Zone, Jinan, Shandong: Jinan, Shandong Province Economic Development Zone Economic North (the economic North Zone) is located in the outskirts of Jinan, Shandong Provincial People's Government approved the establishment of the provincial economic development zone. A total of 35 community committees under the jurisdiction of the district population of 50,000 people, is Jiyang new city and county politics, economy, culture, education center. Northern Economic Development superior location, preferential policies, good environment, good service and high standard management, has attracted many domestic and foreign businessmen to invest in home ownership, showing a strong momentum of development. Into the area now has reached more than 300 projects, 80 billion investment, has become food and beverage, textile, pharmaceutical and chemical, mechanical and electronic four major categories of industrial production. Economic Development Zone, north striking achievements, spectacular, has been the concern of leaders at all levels and the community at home. Former State Department Special Administrative Region Office Director Hu Ping comrades personally wrote, "Jinan Economic North Economic Development Zone," the district name, Wu, Zhang Gaoli, Han Yuqun, Han Xikai, Zhao Zhihao, Li Chunting, Sun Shuyi, Wang Xiuzhi, Tingsheng, Zhao Ke Zhi, Lin Shuxiang, Zhang Qi-hong and other central provincial and municipal leaders and provincial departments of leadership many times to the economic North Zone, inspected construction on the economic North Zone made many valuable suggestions, to promote the economic development of the North Zone. Xinhua News Agency, CCTV, People's Daily, Economic Daily, Economic Information Daily, Mass daily, Jinan Daily, Qilu Evening News, Shandong TV and other news media have reported many times and play the economic achievements in the construction of the North Zone. In recent years, especially the Great Hall in Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Xiamen, Qingdao, Jinan and Merchants Association and the Merchants at the press conference, but also caused a sensation, and achieved good results. Broadway welcomes you to visit and Broadway Hydraulic Hydraulic Machinery Co., Ltd.! Broadway hydraulic welcome you to visit beautiful, excellent, positive economic North Development Zone in Shandong!