Frequently lift hydraulic system maintenance methods and measures

Frequently lift hydraulic system maintenance methods and measures:

On mechanized construction enterprises, construction machinery technology situation is good or not is whether the normal business of direct factors of production. Works on hydraulic machinery, the normal operation of the hydraulic system is its good state of technology as a major sign. Hydraulic oil is a qualified and reliable operation of hydraulic system protection, the right to maintain reliable operation of hydraulic system is fundamental. To this end, in accordance with work practice, the general operating environment, maintenance of hydraulic system to make a cursory study.

1. Select the appropriate hydraulic oil
Hydraulic oil in the hydraulic system plays a delivery pressure, lubrication, cooling, sealing effect, hydraulic oil selection is not appropriate to the durability of hydraulic system failure and early decline. Should be random, "Manual" in the selection grade hydraulic oil under special circumstances need to use on behalf of the oil, should seek to grade the performance of the same characteristics as the original. Different brands of hydraulic oil can not mix, to prevent hydraulic oil chemical reaction, performance change. Dark brown, white, smell of hydraulic oil is the oil deterioration can not be used.

2. To prevent the contamination of hydraulic system of solid
Clean the hydraulic oil is the life of hydraulic system. Hydraulic systems have many precision coupling, damping some holes, some with cracks, etc.. If the solids invasion will result in precision couplings strain, card issuers, oil duct blockage, endangering the safe operation of hydraulic system. General invasion of the hydraulic system of solid impurities way: hydraulic oil unclean; dispensing unclean; refueling and maintenance accidentally; scaling and other hydraulic components. Available from the following areas to prevent intrusion of solid impurities in the system:

2.1 refueling

Hydraulic oil must be filtered filling, dispensing should be clean and reliable. To improve the speed can not get rid of fuel tank fuel filter mouth. Refueling personnel should use gloves and work clothes clean, to prevent solid impurities and fiber impurities fall into the oil.

2.2 Maintenance of time

Hydraulic oil tank cover removal, filter cover, test holes, hydraulic tubing and other parts, causing the system to avoid the oil path when exposed to dust, the demolition site to open after the first thorough cleaning. Such as the demolition of hydraulic oil tank cover, first remove the soil around the tank cover, screw pine oil, after the lid, remove the debris left in the joint part (can not wash with water to prevent water from seeping into the tank), confirmed to open the tank lid after cleaning. For use of cleaning materials and hammers should be selected can not afford to clean the impurities fiber materials and surface adhesion of rubber hitting the special hammer. Hydraulic components, hydraulic hose to carefully clean, dry wind with high-pressure assembly. Use packaging intact genuine filter (inner packaging damaged, although the filter in good condition, may also be dirty). Oil change, filter cleaning at the same time, install filter wipe materials carefully prior to application of the bottom crust of dirt clean filter.

2.3 cleansing of the hydraulic system

Cleaning the oil must be used with the system used the same grade hydraulic oil, oil temperature between 45 ~ 80 ℃, with a large flow of impurities in the system as far as possible away. Hydraulic system to repeated washing at least three times, each time cleaning finished, while oil heat will release all of its system. Re-cleaning filter cleaning is completed, after the endorsement of new replacement oil filter.

3. To prevent the hydraulic system of air and water intrusion
3.1 The hydraulic system to prevent air intrusion

Hydraulic oil under ambient pressure with volume ratio of 6 to 8% of the air, when the pressure decreases, the air will be separated out from the oil bubble burst to hydraulic components, "cavitation", resulting in noise. A lot of air into the oil will "cavitation" phenomenon intensified hydraulic fluid compression was increased, job insecurity and reduced efficiency, implementation of the components on the work of "crawling" and other adverse consequences. In addition, the air will make hydraulic oil oxidation, accelerate the deterioration of oil. To prevent air intrusion should note the following:

1, after repairs and oil change according to random "instruction manual" for excluding the air system to normal operation.

2, hydraulic pump suction nozzle not exposed oil surface, oil pipeline to be sealed well.

3, oil pump drive shaft seal should be good to pay attention to change oil seal should be used where "lips" genuine seal, can not use "single lip" seals to replace, because the "single lip" seal can only be one-way closure oil and gas do not have the seal function. The unit had a major overhaul Liugong ZL50 loader, the hydraulic pump in a row, "cavitation" noise, fuel tank, oil level rise and other automatic failure, hydraulic pump repair process by the inquiry found that hydraulic oil pump drive shaft seal shall misuse "Single-lip" seal due.

3.2 hydraulic system to prevent water intrusion

Oil contains excessive moisture, hydraulic components will rust, oil emulsion deterioration, reduced lubricant film strength, speed mechanical wear. In addition to maintenance to prevent moisture intrusion when, but also pay attention to reservoir barrels when not in use to tighten the lid, the best place upside down; water content be several large oil filters, each filter to be replaced once a dry filter paper, in the absence of special equipment for detection, can be oil droplets into a hot iron, no steam emitting Burning can only add the word immediately.

4. Operations Note
4.1 to soft smooth mechanical operation

Gross mechanical operations should be avoided, or certainly an impact load, so that frequent mechanical failure, shortened life. The impact load generated when operating the one hand, the early wear of mechanical structural parts, broken, broken, on the one hand to make an impact in hydraulic system pressure, impact pressure they will damage the hydraulic components, oil seals and high pressure pipe fittings and hose OIC premature leakage or burst pipe failure, relief valve oil temperature frequently move up.

4.2 Lift the cargo to the uniform

Lifts in operation, be sure to pay attention to the placement of goods method. Some lift the weight of the cargo within the rated load, but when the goods placed on one side or corner of the place preference; that lift and load the same as overload, in particular, aluminum lift; in place the goods must be uniform, or as much as possible placement of the center.