The characteristics of the various lifting platform

 Crank lift platform is widely used in stations, terminals, public buildings and other operations required to engage in high-altitude sectors and areas. A mobile and easy operation, operation is large, balanced performance and good features, in the case of uneven road surface, which can also support Fourth leg, leg support can be easy to operate and use.
   Rail-type lift platform is a non-hydraulic scissors lift. Applied at three industrial plants, restaurants transport of goods between floors. Minimum height 150-300mm, especially suitable for digging in the workplace can not be opened. And without the upper suspension points. Forms of diversity (single-column, two column, four columns). Equipment to run a smooth, easy operation and reliable, hydraulic, electrical multi-protected economy and convenient transport of goods.
   Sets of cylinder-type lift is a versatile set of simple single action telescopic cylinder composed of vertical lift machine. Can be used in the station, terminal, hotel lobby, shop, etc. Aerial occasions. Compact machine design, shaking a small, light weight, mobile convenience features, is the climbing operating the safest, most economical and practical equipment.
Double-mast lifting platform, high strength aluminum alloy material quality, with beautiful appearance, small size, light weight, lifting a balanced, safe and reliable and be able to down operation, widely used in factories, hotels, restaurants, stations, airports theaters, galleries and other places, is the maintenance of equipment, paint decoration, exchange lamps, electrical appliances, cleaning and maintenance purposes and the best security partner.
   Mobile hydraulic scissors lift platform artificial mobile, with carrying capacity, lift, good stability, mobile and flexible, easy to operate, mainly applied to plants, construction sites, hotels, airports, stations, terminals, stadiums and other large architectural high-altitude equipment installation, maintenance and hygiene, field power facilities, overhead pipes, and other lifting machinery maintenance. Is to protect the safety, improve efficiency ideal equipment to make high-altitude operations easy and fast.