The characteristics of fixed bridge board uses

Teng axle divided into fixed, mobile two, using hydraulic system imported from Italy. Its main role is in the dock and bridge the gap between the transport vehicle, so convenient to drive forklifts, reach loading and unloading purposes. The cargo platform with high end equipment, the other end resting on the back edge compartment, and according to different car models and the loading process of the change, automatically adjust the height. The product according to the different needs of users in the dimensions and bear the load and so make a special design. Teng bridge can be widely used in postal services, food, station terminals, marine transport and other industries. Deng Axle Fixed storage platform together with the auxiliary loading and unloading equipment, the equipment and platform integration, can be adjusted according to vehicle height can be raised in different compartments can also be lowered to facilitate the truck into the car, equipment, imported hydraulic pumps stations, on both sides with anti-roll apron, work more secure and improve efficiency.
   Hydraulic drive, convenient operation and reliable operation. Lip plate and platform used to connect the entire axis, high strength and reliability. Imported seal to protect the hydraulic system has an excellent sealing performance. Imported as a whole modular hydraulic station, good seal and long service life. High-intensity "U"-shaped beam design to ensure their long-running high-load without deformation. With non-slip tread plate, the platform has good antiskid performance. Rolling foot apron on both sides of fortification, to prevent accidental injuries toes stuck platform. Maintenance personnel have access to board the bridge to protect the internal security of the rod maintenance. Apply to loading and unloading trucks frequently, different models of large enterprises, warehouses, stations, terminals, storage and logistics base, postal transport, logistics and distribution.
   Hydraulic Dock Ramp is dedicated to achieve rapid loading and unloading goods, auxiliary equipment, its height adjustment feature allows the Treasury of the cargo truck and building a bridge between China and Taiwan, transport vehicles, forklifts and other vehicles through it directly into the bulk handling of goods within, only a single operation, you can achieve rapid loading and unloading of goods. It enables enterprises to reduce the high labor and improve efficiency, access to greater economic benefits.