Elevator operation management

 Lift from the lower arm generally should lift platform, and starting anew in the arm, and finally from the upper arm. In the lift rotary operation, to be the next boom lift to a certain height before turning, rotation should be slow and pay attention to cutting arm and the platform on the device if the distance to meet security needs. Lifting platform lifting mechanism is a connecting rod drive, after the two aircraft before the plane lift platform from the bar to ensure the synchronous movement, as connecting rod in the ground pit, poor working conditions, thus maintaining the focus. Crank Crank by the crankshaft, connecting rod, active side of the rocker, the driven side of the rocker, rod form.
    Lift before the operations, the operator should be responsible person to carry out technical and safety account for, the content should include: job content and requirements; safety precautions and dangerous point; personnel division of labor and responsibility. In addition to responsible person and the operator of the vehicle speed, outside inspection, but also view the terrain for the environment, taking off and landing requirements for safety technical measures, requirements or pre-established work program and, if different, corresponding measures should be worked out only after a work.
  Lift operators must follow the mechanical lift equipment, maintenance requirements, the implementation of the inspection and maintenance before they can launch lift platform, working platform before the lift car should check the terms of reference, clear hinder lifting platform truck, and walk the obstacle rotation.