Hydraulic Dock Ramp Features

 Mobile Hydraulic Dock Ramp carrying capacity based products are: 6,8,10 tons Hydraulic Dock Ramp, Mobile Hydraulic Dock Ramp is a cargo truck with the use of auxiliary equipment, can be adjusted according to the level of car compartment height, forklift directly through the device into the interior volume operation, with manual hydraulic equipment means no external power supply, saving time and effort, improve work efficiency. Mobile Hydraulic Dock Ramp is widely used in non-handling equipment and mobile loading dock areas, is used in conjunction with the forklift truck cargo handling aids. With the board bridge equipment, forklift directly into the vehicle interior for bulk loading and unloading operations. Just a single operation, without power supply, you can achieve rapid loading and unloading cargo security.
Product advantages: single operation, mobile flexibility, improve efficiency and save labor, instead of the shortcomings of the fixed platform is not moving.
Applicable: loading and unloading trucks frequently, different models of large enterprises, warehouses, stations, terminals, storage and logistics base.
Hydraulic characteristics of Deng Axle
  Through the power system, a large tank raised the ramp, to the top site, the small tank to work, smooth out loose slab, height adjustment plate Jinan Jinan Iron and Steel used in all high quality pattern welded steel plate and profiles close, life long . Adjustment board were three activities on both sides of plate, which can effectively prevent crushed toes when adjusting plate down the risk, to ensure safety, clean up debris convenient.
  Hydraulic Dock Ramp in maintenance, maintenance and cleaning, regulate the plate with a pole supporting a more safe and reliable.
  Just press the button electronic control and regulating board will automatically rise, the operation is extremely simple; release the button, adjust board down by weight, loose-leaf approach slab can be used in the vehicle ride.
   Widely used in terminals, stations, warehouses and other places. The dimensions and bear the load and so can make special designs. Teng bridge installed in the cargo bed side, and the dock floor and the side of the flush. Teng bridge the bridge plate to the upper and lower tilt, its external side may be higher or lower than the dock plane, so high and inside. Concrete slab on top of a doubled plate, automatically take the edge in the compartment so that cargo platform and the car a smooth transition.