Lift safety switch and wire

Lift the safety switches are designed according to security needs, there are fence gate spacing, hanging kennel door stopper, Dingmen limit, the limit position switch, the upper and lower limit switches, on the heavy rope to protect against off switch. Some of the sites on which to save trouble of some artificial limit switch and shorted or cancellation is not timely repair after damage, it means eliminated these line of defense, planted the seeds of potential accidents. Example: To load long cage things, suspended cages can not let go be out of cage, the door artificially limit or Dingmen cancellation limit, safety in the case of imperfect or incomplete good, so are manned loading, This illegal operation is Helenians joke of life, in order to avoid potential accidents from occurring, want to use the unit leaders to strengthen management, and strict maintenance and operation of the lift regularly check the safety and reliability of various safety switches, to prevent accidents.
  Construction elevator The construction elevator safety buffer last line of defense, first, it must be able to withstand the impact of the lift rated load, and play a buffer role. Now many sites, although some settings, but not enough to play a buffer role, are in no buffer on the site, it is extremely wrong, and want to use units of attention to inspections, do not make light of this last line of defense.
  The rope is wrapped around various parts of a reliable connection method should be used, such as pouring weaving, forging and using wedge-shaped solid pieces, such as the use of U-Shengka not less than three, Shengka number and diameter of the wire rope Shengka spacing, see Table 1
Table 1 and the number of rope diameter matching Shengka
Rope diameter <1010-2021-26 28-36
Minimum number of 3456 Shengka
    Shengka spacing of not less than 6 times the diameter of wire rope, wrapped around the length from the last Shengka not less than 140mm, and shall be tied with thin wire, Shengka the pulley on the rope work force side, U-type bolt buckle end of the rope, not the positive and negative cross set Shengka, wire rope fixed Shengka before the force, the force again after tightening. However, many sites because of security consciousness, with Shengka fixed, Shengka number, card distance between the rope set, tail length, arbitrary, non-standard, resulting in only 80% -85% have been fixed on the joint strength of discount, be a security risk.
Lift frame body and the track deformation must be promptly corrected.
Do not overload the lift operation.

Lift driver to leave, should be hanging down blue, cut off the power supply.