Deng Axle Fixed


Deng Axle Fixed relevant description:

Product Description: Fixed bridge board is dedicated to achieve rapid loading and unloading of goods ancillary equipment, and its height adjustment feature uses the cargo truck and the Treasury building a bridge between China and Taiwan, forklifts and other moving truck driving and cargo within the bulk handling, only Single people need to work, you can achieve rapid loading and unloading of goods. It enables companies to reduce a large number of labor, increase efficiency, access to greater economic efficiency.

Product features: easy unloading, stability, strength, low maintenance costs. Applicable to all types of vehicles, loading and unloading facilities and traffic is relatively busy place. Loading and unloading platforms, lifting platforms, loading platforms: Anti-slip car devices: The equipment consists of steel welded together, can effectively achieve the anti-skid function, safe and reliable. Collision block: The device can effectively protect the bridge from damage buildings and board. It is enhanced by the high tensile rubber. Collision block outside the four corners are rounded and the bolt holes all deeply embedded in the interior. Bolt hole size Ф22, M20's bolt assembly. Structure: fixed bridge is a registered mechanical system, hydraulic system and electrical system components. Platform and bottom structure into mechanical systems. Platform to "U" shape steel frame, light weight, large carrying capacity; tops, non-slip tread plate, and to bearing capacity; tops, non-slip tread plate, and can withstand the fully loaded truck traveling 10 km / hour speed not concave bend, improve operational reliability.
Usage: A typical modern pallet cargo handling platform, including loading and unloading cargo from a high platform, a platform and transport vehicles as a connection between the pontoon bridge height adjustment board and the role of goods transport vehicles handling Jinchu forklift or manual handling car. Loading and unloading the height of the fixed platform, but from the car to transport cars of varying heights, transport vehicles and loading and unloading station is always a certain height between the gap or gaps. Cause out of transport vehicles, fork lifts can not be a direct loading and unloading cargo. The use of fixed bridge board to provide a reliable connection. Forklift can make handling safe, fast and out of transport vehicles loading and unloading operations. Mainly used in logistics, telecommunications, transportation, electric power, mining, cargo handling enterprises.