Car Crank lift


Car Crank, folding arm lift related presentations:

Description: to Crank (folding arm) lift installed in the car on the aerial equipment. By a special chassis, working jib, three-dimensional circle mechanism, flexible clamping device, hydraulic systems, electrical systems and safety devices and other components. From the lifts and cable car supporting the conversion into aerial appliances.

Product advantages: it used the original car engine or vehicle DC battery power, goes without external power supply can drive down platform can drive it easy to move a wide range of operating liquidity, liquidity.

Suitable situation: particularly suitable for cold, crowded area (train and bus stations, airports). Widely used in urban construction, oil, transportation, municipal and other industries. Can be set according to individual requirements in case of emergency power cut down device, balance valve, automatic packing and other safety devices to prevent the aerial lift platform overload safety devices, leakage protection devices and phase protection device to prevent the breakdown of the safety of hydraulic pipeline explosion device.