Mobile lift off arm


Folding arm lift related presentations:

Description: folding arm lift can overhang operations across some obstacles or in a lift can be more work; 36 Crank Lift 0 degree rotation, the platform carrying capacity, for two or more simultaneous operation and may carry certain equipment; lift platform mobility is good, convenient transfer of venue; good looks for stations, terminals, shopping malls, stadiums, residential property, plant and other factories, mines and large-scale operations.

Advantages: high quality structural steel, single-sided double-sided molding process welding, imported or domestic joint hydraulic pump station pump stations, aerial work platform lift is equipped with balancing valves, automatic packing and other safety devices, platforms, safe and durable. The series of lifts with mobile and flexible, steady lifting, carrying capacity, easy to operate.

Usage: tortuous Arm aerial working platform for the shipyards and so many places highly demanding, better security of such machines, mobile convenience, but the high cost. Widely used in factories, automatic warehouses, car parks, municipal, railway stations, airports, theaters, exhibition halls, piers, construction, decoration, logistics, power, transportation, petroleum, chemicals, hotels, stadiums, industrial and mining enterprises and high-altitude operations maintenance. Is the maintenance of machines and tools, paint decoration, exchange lamps, electrical appliances, cleaning and maintenance purposes and the best choice. Requirements according to individual needs using the design and manufacture. Fire generally use the lift.