Diesel Power Mobile Lift


Diesel Power Mobile Lifts related presentations:

Product advantage: According to the demand for the diesel engine as an optional power lift, special places can also be used explosion-proof appliances. The control mode for the electric lift the upper and lower control movements, hand, electric, or dual-use remote control, can still be used when a power outage. The series of lifts with mobile and flexible, steady lifting, carrying capacity, easy to operate, widely used in factories, grain storage, airports, gas stations, offices, docks, outdoor power, street maintenance and construction decoration and other industries. According to user requirements and design.

Specifications: According to the height is divided int 4,6,8,10,12,14,16,18 meters, 300 kilograms of product load, 8,10 meters are also available load 500,800 kg of cash, need the special load may order, based on the demand for the lifting machine can power the fuel can also use anti-riot special place electrical appliances, the products manual, diesel dual lifting.

Applications: construction sites, factories, warehouses, grain storage, railway stations, hotels, airports, terminals, stations, sports, plants, overhead pipes and other high-altitude equipment, installation and maintenance, cleaning, etc., but also for lifting equipment maintenance, field maintenance of power facilities, steel frame structure of plant maintenance.