Fixed scissors lift


Fixed scissors lift related presentations:

Product Description: It is used for transporting goods between the building-storey purpose-built hydraulic lifting platform products work with all kinds of goods between the upper and lower layer transport; three-dimensional inter-storey underground parking garage and car lift and so on. Product anti-dropping set of hydraulic system, overload protection device, the floor and lift the work surface operation buttons can be set to achieve more control. Product structure is strong, carrying capacity, lift smooth, easy installation and maintenance is economical and practical alternative to the elevator between floors at the ideal cargo transportation equipment.

Advantages: The use of steel structure products or high-strength steel structure bearing capacity from 0.1 to 10 t range, product size and equipment size can be customized according to user needs. Mode of operation can be divided into upper and lower single control and ground control points can be points lower rise, multi-layer control. To meet the special requirements of a variety of specially designed hydraulic lift platform in particular under working conditions and supporting the use of other devices, to achieve a better match and compatibility. Jinan Broadway hydraulic with rich professional experience and strong product design capabilities for users of the lift platform can be a variety of special requests to the fastest time to provide the best solution.

Suitable situation: structural stability, low failure rate, reliable, safe and efficient, easy to maintain. Optional wireless remote control method and other methods. Stationary hydraulic lift platform is mainly used for production lines and warehouses, paper and pharmaceutical industries can be used as delivery lift, transport of goods, movements smooth, safe, reliable, economical and practical.