Fixed lifts


Fixed lifts related presentations:

Down freight elevators, a customer wants to use in accordance with the actual situation of the various parameters proposed lifting freight elevators, including the lifting height, improve quality, upper and lower control options, as well as the installation location and so on the ground and produced an unconventional custom lift.

Description: lift freight elevator is a crane lifting machinery and equipment, it can manually operate the buttons on the control system so complete upper and lower cargo transport.

Category: lift freight elevator can be divided according to type: scissors-type lift rail freight elevators and freight elevators. Cargo Lift the lifting height from 1-20 m range, and can customize special specifications according to user movements of freight elevators.

Applicable occasion: mainly used in factory assembly line, cargo warehouses, parking lots, terminals, construction, logistics, high-altitude transportation of goods up and down. Freight elevator lifting system is driven by hydraulic pump station, it is also known as hydraulic lift freight elevator.