Set cylinder lift


Set cylinder lift related presentations:

Fixed set of cylinder lift: is the set of cylinder lift pit base fixed to the ground, mainly for the stage and down, the functions of conventional sets of the same cylinder lift.

Description: Also known as Set of cylinder-type lift platform, is a multi-purpose aerial machine, its features will include equipment operators and use of aerial platforms to the designated height of special engineering equipment operations.

Advantages: This device is widely used in industrial and mining plant, the tall halls, warehouses, railway stations, squares and other high-altitude operations. Machine from the platform, telescopic cylinders, single or double ladder-type ladder-type anti-rotation body, chassis, fuel tank, legs, walking round and other components. Platform is a direct lifting telescopic cylinders, when the motor starts, there are motor driven gear pump oil, oil by one-way valve and the electromagnetic channel input of tanks, telescopic cylinder is increased by section, rose to its maximum height when the platform System pressure also reached the rated pressure, at this time there are oil spills unloading valve, hydraulic pressure to maintain a constant work, stop after the one-way valve packing, the platform will remain in the position of the largest work, the platform can live working height position of the maximum height of any of the following stop.

Product Control: Platform down by gravity to the oil pressure valve by the solenoid valve into the tank. When connected to solenoid valve valve, the expansion tank it down, section by section, the process can also be dropped off people with a high degree of electromagnetic valve, to stop the decline.